Start your morning off with a cup of excellent coffee and breakfast food at Kuppadeli, a great place for freshly brewed coffee served throughout the whole day suitable for any office worker. There is also a diverse selection of freshly made sandwiches, wraps, yoghurts and many more, freshly made every day.

If you're looking for vegetarian foods, Sooksathorn might be the good choice for you. This restaurant serves you the low calories food with high quality ingredients.

Shari Shari offers a fusion “Sushi Burrito”, the hybrid between the awesomeness of sushi and convenient consumption of a burrito, for the first time in Thailand


TEL: +66 2 109 9600


Glowfish aims to provide the very best when it comes to one’s lifestyle in the workplace. As a result, Glowfish introduced the Dining Hall at the Sathorn branch. The Dining Hall provides a diverse range of food and beverage variety, with all restaurants exclusive within Bangkok located only at Glowfish Sathorn. All of Glowfish Sathorn restaurants are tailored to the office worker lifestyle boasting quick, easy and on-the-go food suited for the office worker with tight schedules. The modern office worker now doesn’t only look for a quick and easy place to eat for lunch, but also the atmosphere and liveliness of where they eat.